Weldon’s Gifts and the world famous Rooster have been welcoming visitors to the  North Shore since 1963.

The gift shop offers unique gifts, quality t-shirts & sweatshirts, and a tradition  of taking your photo beside the Rooster.

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The Rooster has had its share of misery and glory.

Weldon’s and the rooster has watched over this stretch of Highway 61 for over forty  years.

One day, back in the 1960′s, a salesman pulled up to the gift shop towing a trailer  full of fiberglass animals. There was a bear, a dinosaur, a horse, and a chicken.

The chicken caught Weldon’s eye.

“With that, people won’t drive by and say, ‘Look at the chicken,” he says. “They’ll  drive by and say, ‘Hey, look at the CHICKEN.’ And it worked.” People from all over  the world know the chicken. Weldon Johnson has had mail delivered to him with the  simple address: Rooster Gift Shop, Two Harbors, Minnesota.